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About Us

The Private Banking Group & Bitcoin Mauritius are the leading platform for asset-backed NFT's. Our unique business model enables investors and clients access to a highly customized experience with a comprehensive range of products, services and more.

A growing number of our clients seek to align their investments with their personal values. Investing with Purpose is our philosophy and methodology for sustainable and impactful investing.

Our offering is continuously evolving in order to address and anticipate our clients' changing needs:

- Our marketplace enables you to invest in NFT's in minutes
- Sign up in an instant and access digital currency investments and Non-Fungible Tokens
- Buy and sell with ease
- Purchase the crypto and/or NFT's you want with your credit card, bank transfer or cash
- Choose between different fiat currencies incl. USD, EURO, POUNDS, ZAR etc.
- Alternatively, use your crypto wallet
- MetaMask, the most commonly used wallet is supported
- WalletConnect, consisting of more than 75 wallets easily integrates
- Store and send securely
- Leading security processes keep your crypto or NFT's safe
- Save and earn a very high % percentage yield in crypto NFT's