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Non-Fungible Tokens

Author 25 Nov 2021

The Private Banking Group & Bitcoin Mauritius offer the most comprehensive platform for asset-backed NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens).

When investing by buying an NFT through the Private Banking Group, it is NOT necessary for you to have a crypto wallet.
You simply open a free account here at Private Banking Group ( and purchase the desired NFT or Coin from our selection.
The NFT and/or Coin (Token) will be held in escrow by us at PBG until you decide to sell or transfer it.

Should you prefer to purchase the Non-Fungible Token through your crypto wallet then go to our NFT-Marketplace ( and follow the instruction menu.

As all our NFT's are asset-backed we offer the possibility to have the underlying value (asset) of specific NFT's delivered to you physically. For this, a fee will be charged.
When you resell the Non-Fungible Token, the underlying asset is replaced by the publisher/creator of the NFT once the royalties have been paid.

In the case of most of the NFT's and Coins (Tokens) available through the Private Banking Group and Bitcoin Mauritius, the investor/owner is automatically paid a (ROI) Return on Investment in crypto every quarter.
This applies for the entire duration the assets are held/kept at the NFT-Marketplaces of either Bitcoin Mauritius or the Private Banking Group. Once the maturity date is reached or the crypto asset is sold or transferred to a different platform or marketplace, the Non-Fungible Token and/or Coin will no longer yield any (ROI) in the form of interest paid by/through our platforms.